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Workshops & Webinars are great ways to educate your workforce on a topic that doesn’t warrant a full blown training course.

Workshops are great when you want a live interactive experience.  They can be provided at a single location or multiple locations, if desired.  Active learning approaches are a fun way to get the audience involved and go a long way in making sure the learning sticks. Webinars can be both live and recorded events.  They ensure that all participants at multiple locations receive a consistent message.  In addition to educating individual participants, webinars can include group learning activities at each location.  Recorded webinars also enable you to provide a consistent message to staff members across different time zones across the globe or just at a convenient day and time for each individual participant.

If you have a presentation that you want to present to your organization but don’t already have a webinar platform set-up and you’re not ready to invest in a long-term comment with a high cost provider.  We can host host periodic events for you that don’t require making long-term commitments.

Topic ideas include:

Future Proofing Your Business

Hidden Assets, Cloaked Liabilities, & Untapped Equity in Your Business

Organizational Effectiveness & Performance

Creating a Brain Friendly Workplace

How Cognitive Biases Trick Us Into Thinking We’re Right When We’re Actually VERY WRONG…

Effective Explanations

Human Performance Improvement

Emotional Intelligence Related Topics and Whole Brain Thinking


  • Less Stress GREATER SUCCESS (the difference between stress and high pressure situations and how to manage them)
  • Receiving Feedback
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

Note: Some benefits of high emotional intelligence at work include:

  • High Collective Intelligence
  • Collaboration Building
  • Communication Enhancing
  • Promotion and Leadership Readiness
  • Cohesive Teams
  • Better Decisions
  • Adaptive Mindsets
  • Higher Creativity & More Innovation
  • More Resilient Workforce

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